Exploring Steel Giants

Concrete and Steel Giants are sleeping in the heart of Montreal. Left to their own fate. Inside the Silo number 5, time stopped. Drago opens his eyes widely. He walks carefully and whispers. He doesn’t want to disturb the spirit of the place. "... >>

Fun Times with Guns

  You went to Afghanistan? “No. I was part of another team. I got injured in the training. I was in the second line.”“They pull 5 to 10 armorers out of the 2,000 guys. We’re not a lot of armorers on the field at the same time. When my turn cam... >>

The Gun Test

“I would put side by side my real P226 handgun and my training airgun on the table, right in front of you, and I could test you. You won’t be able to distinguish them. Which one is real and which one is a toy. Good luck. Everybody fails at this game.... >>

Enter the Dragon

It’s the Barony of l’Ile du Dragon Dormant’s Knight Marshal’s birthday: his Excellency Pellandres dit Le Frère. 42 armed combats for his 42 years on this planet. A lot of warriors gathered together to measure their skills against those of the Lord of... >>