We do journalism !

Not art ! Not illustration !

Our goal is to witness the human condition by producing journalistic visual information.

At 7h42.com, you will find photo stories, short and long, and a special category reserved for journalistic contents with a deviant angle.

You will not find hard news at 7h42.com.

But you will find, at 7h42.com, original angles and in-depth stories linked to actual issues of public interest.

Our photos are not beautiful. They are good on a journalistic level. Because they tell a story of public interest.

Our code of ethics is built on principles of balanced information, journalistic honesty and transparency. No elements are removed or added in our photos. We balance the colours of the photos, adjust the lightning and we crop them.

The magazine 7h42 is an independent media ! It means that 7h42 is a proud media outlet free of influence by government or corporate interests.

We do journalism ! And we are proudly members of the Professional Federation of Quebec’s Journalists.

Michael Monnier and Louis Gobeille | Co-Founders of 7h42